I found the opening sequences of some short stories on my phone from February of this year, so i thought I’d share just one for now…

The fillings within the crevices

The young woman drew her coat off the back of the steel chair and proceeded to push the chair under the table, flicked her freshly curled hair behind her shoulders, snatched her handbag from the floor and left the restaurant as fast as she could. A gust of cool air breathed through the restaurant and tingled down his spine.

Skidding of car brakes, the honking of car horns, fade into the open air as the glass door wedges shut.

The whole while, the man’s gaze fixed on the half-empty glasses of red wine on the table.
He had managed to phase out the judging silence of the surrounding tables. The tables began to merge closer toward him, closing him into a pervasive, inescapable enclosure.

“What did I…” he sighed under his breath, he sat and stared at the glasses for seconds, minutes longer. They too began to merge into one. The entire room started to spin, and soon became a blur of conjoined tables, echoing chatter, the clinking of glasses and the scraping of metal against ceramic screeched in his ears, closing him inside a labyrinthine enclosure.

* * *

The clink of wine glasses and the splash of water hitting a dry metal sink woke him. He slowly sat up on the couch, and pulled the duck feather duvet to the fly of his black trousers. He rubbed his eyes and peered around the corner from where he was sitting in the lounge room of an unfamiliar apartment.

There, in the kitchen, he saw a petite, voluptuous woman, no more than 25, he could tell by the fluidity of her movement, her shiny blonde ponytail and her sunflower-printed navy-blue dress which moved swiftly with her as she washed dishes and cups, humming to vague, soft jazz-saxophone playing on a radio.

He turned back around and patted his pant pockets for his wallet and phone. They were just visible, wedged between a crinkled copy of the age and a full glass of water placed on a nearby coffee table.

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