Internal Freedom

There’s something about curiosity that I find irresistible,
There’s something charming in vulnerability
To leave oneself open
And to be free
To run wild, back to our origins,
Rough beginnings are better than crippling fears, cause at least you started, and you’ve gotta start somewhere
You can only fight yourself for so long, soon the mask will begin to wear and disintegrate
All you’ll be left with is an unpolished, raucous reality
What will you do then,
Will you have anything? will you recognise reality, or will you slip into falsity?

Your wild side
Is found in that spinning thought that always comes back,
Late at night, midway through a meeting, a class, a conversation,
Those still random moments that are peppered through your day,
That wild dream, that’s taking a back seat in the road of life, sometimes it peeps its head into the front seat
just to remind the driver of their destined path that desires to be awakened

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