The Ocean Washes Over

The ocean floor holds the secrets of yesterday’s forgotten dreams,

unspoken words, and unquenched thirsts

Tightly packed beneath the shore

For another day

Another soul

Another fragment of another world

To relinquish, to catch,

chasing, reaching across far shores

Watch, look out, that white wash’ll draw you in,

churning out crumbled shells and eroded rocks

the secrets are nestled there in the foam,

the truths, and forgotten dreams,

the unrequited love, and unvanquished obstacles,

Bubbling, spattering, under a fresh and heavy wave

Each after the last washes up another soul, collecting,

To never be spoken of,

To never be seen.

Only to be felt then coiled

through veins and bone

Smoke and Mirrors

Priorities, checklists, categorisation
Pickpockets, car thieves, lost in translation
Full-time, part-time, constant provision

Next, next, next
Can we have some more?

Put it on your plate son,
Gobble it all up until it’s done.
Forget your needs, and despondent ambitions,
Live in the moment son
and forget your useless conscience,
it’s only carrying pestering thoughts, questions and unwanted queries
is it bringing you down young one?
Squander it, bury it, fight the temptation,

Just buy that sterling wristwatch sir
…replace that ragged purse young lady.
Leave it up to us, we’ll select only the finest jewellery…

Keep at it, you’re almost buried in the shallow grave that you’re digging,
unburden yourselves from choice and overload,
please, allow us to simplify, organise, combine and process
sit back, relax, and enjoy the free service