Rest Your Head Here For the Night

Let me melt away all your worry,

when nothing else can,

as we fall into the depths of these sheets and pillows,

here, our restless minds lay,

as we bury our tired heads within wistful dreams.

Still feels like we’re on overdrive,

but each second tears away at the pace.

Floating on a cumulus cloud,

as we watch the birds flock by us,

their feathers fanning our faces,

our eyes already closed, our lips tender,

the leaves rustle in the tall trees,

as we gaze at them from afar,

the pine needles trill in the breeze,

and the rusted, prickly grass nestles under the beaming spring sun.

A sign of change,

of things to come,

A glimpse of enchantment.

At once, we forget about our pasts,

and our unanswered futures, our fears of the unknown.

Blooming buds,

of purple petals and furry leaves,

thorn-lined stems and smooth cheeks,

A smile, a warm sigh, as the lake breathes heavy,

draws us in,

encapsulates our bodies as we float on in,

driving us forward into this wild adventure.

We drift far, far away,

awaiting the day that follows.

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