Blessing in disguise

All the faces, all the names

Buried memories and dug up bones

The future leads us and carries us on

As each day belies a treasure awaiting to be found

Sometimes it’s a dark place out there in the woods

Sometimes it’s a clear sky up there above those woods

In all that happens the universe still burns, in all that goes unsaid, the world still turns

So many mysteries and so much to learn,

Each day is a blessing
Each day is all yours,

Choose to live by your own will, don’t surrender your fate to the hands of others

Keep away from the dark roads, steer clear of the storms

Sometimes the hardest choice is the only one you get

Once it’s done. It’s over. The next choice is only yours to make.

Veer away from the carnage and seek the sun through the clouds

So much to live for, so much to learn, so much enlightenment yet to reach

It’s a new day, it’s the next step along the pavement of life.

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