To fall through the sky

you know, it scared me,

to see you so calm in front of those familiar faces,

to switch when the door clicked,

and those innocent eyes fell away,

and that warm smile dissipated from your face.

You scared me.

The way your eyes pierced me when I was cowering in the corner,

Just wishing for an escape shoot to separate beneath me and set me free,

but there was never an easy way to leave,

And you thrived on knowing that you could always block the only exit,

that you were bigger and louder than me,

that I’d stay and you’d shout,

and I’d feel more and more lost,

And you’d tell me that my fear and sadness was the cause of all the stress.

You devoured every passionate kiss like it was the first you’d ever tasted,

and you sunk your teeth into my flesh to suck out the light that was left.

Now sometimes I start to wonder if you ever cared at all,

or if I was just another of your possessions that you could never force and fit on your shelf.

A prize that you tried to bury for no one’s eyes but your own,

so as you saw me slipping away,

your grip grew tighter and your eyes grew wider,

and it only fell apart faster as the light began to breathe through the cracks.

To shine once more, this time through your stronghold,

as I slipped through the opening crevices,

and out of your grasp.

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