Let it Happen, Let it Be

Life is an amazing, wild, mismatched journey,

Everyone makes mistakes,

it’s not about that, no.

It’s about how long you wallow in your shortcomings and your suffering

and how swiftly you pick yourself up and try again,

To know that you can do it better this time,

with the wisdom you gained tripping over that roadblock.

You simply cannot give in,

even when it feels like the whole world is against you,

take a moment just to breathe,

look up and see all the love that surrounds you,

and your own capacity for growth and peace.

Feel the life return to you, and watch the light seep in,

Allow the fear and the anxieties in,

let them breath through your body

and tingle your skin,

Learn them, understand them,

then leave them in that passing moment.

This is where peace and restoration happens,

This is where it all begins…

Your soul is calling, your spirit is yearning for more,

Your mind is seeking salvation, so that your heart can go and explore,

Let it happen, let it be.

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