On the importance of self-compassion

I think it’s important to be open and honest with yourself and with others, to do what makes you happy and to ignore the naysayers.

This is your journey, allow yourself to enjoy the ride. It’s not your responsibility to change anyone else’s mind. If you focus on cultivating and enriching all aspects of your own life and work, you will inadvertently, positively influence others. I’m starting to realise the significance of the sentiment ‘If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete’.

If you respect yourself it will inevitably convert to you respecting and understanding others and thus you won’t have to worry about hurting or trespassing others as deep rooted care and respect will guide you wisely.

This may leave you open to being trespassed or hurt by others who do not value this sentiment, but it is so revitalising to know that although heartache and betrayal hurt, I’d rather feel everything than nothing at all. The beauty of life lies in one’s openness to change and uncertainty. To resilience and self-respect.

I’ve begun to realise how important it is to risk leaving your heart open. Even if you’ve already been broken no matter how badly, the deepest wounds heal with time and with personalised care. You are strong enough to pick up the pieces and try again.

After the worst is over and dealt with, you can run wild and free and stay true to what’s right for you. Knowing that trusting too much can be just as debilitating as hiding behind walls. You’ll have a greater sense of knowing when others aren’t as sincere or genuine as you’d like to believe. You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, of what you like and just as importantly what you do not want or need in your life.

Everyone’s journey is unique and special in their own way, it’s up to each of us to find the magic in our own story and find peace and harmony in the path we’re treading, or to find the inner strength to change direction if we find ourselves unhappy.

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