For the Wanderer in all of us

This whole business of being alive is a rollercoaster ride, a kaleidoscope of wonders, a prism of everchanging scenes.

You’ve got to be brave to weather the tides and you’ve got to be a fool to carry on by. Foolishly in love with the experience, the adventure, and exploration, and danger.

Why live small when you were born to be bold and speak your mind, to stand up for your cause, to have a good time. You know, you can be what ever you want to be.

To be… One of the most puzzling things of all. Shakespeare suggested it while Hamlet pondered it, Camus questioned it, Hemingway gave up on it, Heidegger studied it, Thoreau explored it… What are you going to do with it?

How about first simply just being. Being present in this moment, right now, on this tab in this browser. Not on your phone, not halfway through an email while a video of a laughing baby is on pause and you’re having a conversation with a friend next to you.

Zone in, take this breath in with me, breathe it all in…1, 2, 3… Now Release, haaa and let it all go, all the distractions, the fragments of pain, all indecision, all misfortunes we endure, our expectations and any overthinking. Let it be, let your breath lead. Just be.

This is not the final destination. This is the beginning of it all. It takes courage to strive. To be and only so is to have not lived, it is to have stayed inside. To embrace the fact that you are alive is to seek in the world that is already inside.

Have that drink, take that photo, crack that joke, strike up that conversation you’ve been dying to have, wear that flame-red dress, spin in the wind if you like, kiss the flowers and eat the berries. Do what feels right, let your heart be your guide, take your clothes off and swim in the churning deep blue.

Adventure awaits, it’s time to take the plunge. Come on, let’s go!

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