To roam this endless land

Ah and we sigh and break a grin,

‘Cause this isn’t all as serious as we sometimes try to believe,

What else are we here for if not to experience as much as we can,

To leave this vast wonderland

a little wider, softer, brighter than it once was before,

Experience is rooted in connectedness,

and in everything we share,

To share life with others 

is the boldest endeavour we can undertake,

For some keep their innards hidden,

For nobody else to taste,

See, this is the root of so much suffering, the root of so much pain, 

Everyone’s experience is different, and in the difference is the meat, 

And beneath the chewy stuff we get to suck out the marrow, 

The raw, rich minerals of the earth.

Living is in essence the remnants of simplicity, of openness and honesty,

We start living once we dispose of the glossy outer-shell,

To reveal the gruesome details and the beautiful imperfections,

It’s not until we step away from the external

and back into ourselves,

That we realise loneliness and suffering

can only be healed through inner peace,

So once we accept that the rest is just nonsense,

We can use our bodies as the strong vessels that they are,

To roam this endless place,

To taste the delicious variety the world has to offer,

For it is through difference and distance that we begin to see ourselves,

And the contrast shines a mirror on the fragments of our minds,

And it is only through variety that we can exchange our perceptions and expand our individual understandings with any other soul

Potions and false bliss 

‘Cause you know the easy way is to bury the pain,

To suffocate the words your mind is feeding your heart,

So we swallow the pills and drink the wine,

Just to get by, just for tonight, 

Line after line,

And we say it’s okay ’cause we’re all doing it and we’re doing just fine,

So we’ll grind through those sultry dances

And breathe in those sweet nothings,

And we’ll carry on with this ’cause it makes life all the more blissful and simple,

Contrasting the ugliness and the sleepless nights with

Fancy dress ups and painted on masks,

Shield us from our own minds and the suffering we can’t bare,

‘Cause “we’ll face it in the morning,” we recite again and again,

As we drift through this pure night,

Forgetting all the rest,

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd,

Swimming through the stream of voices and restless souls,

Yeah, but you know it’s all good, 

‘Cause “we’re just kids and we’ll grow out of this eventually,” 

So we carry on with this,

Maybe we’ll wake up from this dream and see it all clearly again, 

and medicate our restless minds and past pains with cold truths and a few quiet nights in,

And remedy our souls with a clear head and some rest

To plant seeds in this bare field

If I built a house from a pile of discarded sticks in a field not far from here,

Would you dare to enter, to wander inside, to maybe even discover a new expanse of this world, of yourself,

Would you care to explore it, to live amongst it, to find your place,

For how do you know what may be there,

At least until you give it time,

You don’t need to worry or overthink it just step inside,

We see as much as we want to understand and embrace as much as we’re willing to withstand,

So if you found some rocks
nearby this structure,

Would you offer to lend a hand,

To assist in bearing the weight,

To lay a path along this land,

Would you, could you, explore all the edges,

Test the construction, to find its foundations,

Could you then overlook the crooked blinds, the gaps between the sticks where the sunlight peeks through,

Where the wind carries the sweetness of crisp florals.

So we scorch our feet on the sun-drenched rocks as we tip-toe along the path as we lay it,

To make a new world within this space,

To make it our own, to create a home,

To open our arms and grasp the whole thing without any hesitation or simple whim,

This is where you’ll begin to see, that you are never who you were just a moment ago,

So how about those once foreign lands we started to call home,

The external places become separate constructs from their material structures,

We can no longer simply return to them, for they become buried within us,

This place is yet another fragment that builds onto who we are and how we see,

A space for growth and evolving, to plant seeds in this bare field,

To blossom and bring fruit,

To carry us through this land as we roam through our self-made fields

Pause and wonder

Have you ever stopped mid-stride

And caught yourself looking out at the world

Silently asking what this crazy place is all about

And how so many people

Pass on through 


Leaping onto the next subway ride

To go into some crammed cubicle or dreary office space.

Does it puzzle you too,

That so many people wilfully float with the stream

And convince themselves that they are helping humanity by pulling on a blazer and slipping into a pair of polished shoes

That selling shares and following stock markets is more than a mere pawn game

‘Cause sometimes I stop and wonder how so many hands are put to silly typewriting and selling deals for things that no one needs

Just to keep the money circulating,

Just to keep the buildings busy.

It’s not about the people or equal distribution 

But it’s been happening this way for so long,

And some people are cashing in,

Those people are at the top of the board,

So the system will keep pumping out more starved men and lost souls

for as long as the printing machines keep churning out more green and gold.

I cannot help it, that to see such needless plights, sometimes stops me in my tracks

In the middle of crowded streets at all hours of the day, 

There are so many faces so determined to keep on fleet,

No time to stop and wonder, nor question where they are, no time for mischeavous fun, or to stick it to the man 

Caught up in feeding the system,

And the fear of losing the illusion of the upper hand,

That the beauty of their surroundings,

 The friendships and the losses, 

The sumptuous feasts and crisp clean clothes 

are passed off as given pieces of the beast.

So if such luxuries are unacknowldged how about those sitting by the road, or the kids being cornered in that laneway over a stolen chocolate bar,

For the greatest crimes of the world are passed through a suited up, clean shaven feeding chain

Unhinge the latches

There is a place

where our hearts can rest,

there is a chest just out of sight but not out of reach,

where I promise you can surrender your restless mind,

at least for the night,

this place is non-physical,

this place is always available, and free of cost.

This place is an internal shelter,

with the richest treasure you’ll ever discover,

and the beauty of it is that it’s only yours,

yours to keep,

yours forever,

to seek, to enter,


whenever you need some time to stop for a moment,

just to breathe,

to reflect and recollect,

the key is right there before you.

In this chest you’ll find gems richer than the earth itself,

diamonds and charms more valuable than anything you can purchase,

in this inner sanctuary,

buried deep are the unshelled memories,

that we all carry around, burrowed inside,

along with fragments of beautiful souls we’ve crossed paths with over time,

here you’ll find unpolished jars,

carrying untouched glances,

unspoken words,

and words you wish you could suck back,

moments that felt like the whole world momentarily stopped,

coloured with ecstasy-filled breaths,

riddled with the memories of heart-wrenching pain,

passionate conversations,

and sweaty nights in the wintertime.

Nestled within this chest of sensations and ideas,

are those golden grins,

those unique opinions,

all the many ways of living,

the different eyes upon the world,

that you get to keep and listen to,

those deep-bellied laughs,

those wild nights we always seem to pack a week’s worth of adventures into,

those late night skinny-dips

just us and the moon.

How about those unclenched dreams,

it’s never too late to go catch ’em,

to start with just one,

right here, in this space,

you never know what may unfurl

When you harmonise your day-to-day with

the beat of your heart and the vision of your mind’s-eye,

may as well cease the best view,

it’s free, but it takes time,

so allow this chest to stay open,

throw away the key,

unlatch the hinges,

revel in all the treasures

Right where we’re supposed to be

This feeling is so divine,

It’s so liberating to consider,

That we’re on track, this is where we belong, in this very moment,

Living this experiment that we call life,

Everyday has its own magic,

There before us, just ahead,

Anything is possible when you embrace change and new adventures,

The most beautiful parts of our lives are the ones that we reached out for with all we had, just to see, just to see what we could make of it,

‘Cause whatever doesn’t work out is just another chance to grow and breathe,

There are so many trails out there amongst it all, it’s easy to get lost my friend, so don’t feel like a fool if it takes you a while to find one that suits you 
‘Cause truthfully, you often have to build it yourself, 

Don’t get discouraged now, you’re right in the middle of it all, 

You’re allowed to make mistakes, so long as you keep trying and learn as you go,

Let’s keep on expanding this adventure, 

Who knows what’s around the corner, 

What does it really matter, 

We’ll get to it eventually,  

But right now we’re here and this is right where we’re supposed to be.

Under the twilight

It’s in the early hours of the morning

That ignite our darkest hours

and project them under the twilight

For only sleepless eyes to see,

The racing heart,

The weighted breaths,

Trying to close our eyes and get a little rest,

But our eyelids are oh so heavy now

and our eyes sting through every blink,

This is the time when you feel like you’re the only one struggling,

And everything is spinning and your mind will not skip any untouched thoughts…

My head has decided that tonight will be that night,

Where the nightmares creep into the waking breaths,

And the dreams feel as if they’re so far out of reach that I’ll never get to taste them.

These are the nights we have to address,

These are the moments we cannot bury and lay to rest,

For they’ll haunt us in echoes
and breathe cold air down our necks,

We’ll shiver as a cool change sweeps over us

Rattling our bones and tingling our skin,

Living life without at least trying to understand ourselves starves us of who we could be

So I’ll blink through the stinging,

And breathe through the mist,

If it means that from this I will grow from this thorned nest.

Peek inside

Don’t be scared to be alone with your thoughts

Allow your mind to wander, then zone in,

Take note of the places your mind enters

Focus on the avenues you keep coming back to

Breathe them in and observe

Once you understand the roots of the thoughts

Breathe them out and let them leave your mind with the air that leaves your lungs,

Both the good and the bad, let it all go.

Inner peace arises only once you let go of attachment and expectation,

Let your intuition guide you,

not your interrupted thoughts,

Finish a thought and be done with it

Finish a relationship and move on,

Leave a job that makes you unhappy to secure one that does,

Find friends that enrich life, not those that rob you of it.

Validate yourself,

Find freedom in your independence

Find love through loving eyes

Find strength with an open heart

Find happiness with a carefree mind

Find wisdom in all that you have overcome,

Peace in all that has passed, and

Gratitude in where you are now