Peek inside

Don’t be scared to be alone with your thoughts

Allow your mind to wander, then zone in,

Take note of the places your mind enters

Focus on the avenues you keep coming back to

Breathe them in and observe

Once you understand the roots of the thoughts

Breathe them out and let them leave your mind with the air that leaves your lungs,

Both the good and the bad, let it all go.

Inner peace arises only once you let go of attachment and expectation,

Let your intuition guide you,

not your interrupted thoughts,

Finish a thought and be done with it

Finish a relationship and move on,

Leave a job that makes you unhappy to secure one that does,

Find friends that enrich life, not those that rob you of it.

Validate yourself,

Find freedom in your independence

Find love through loving eyes

Find strength with an open heart

Find happiness with a carefree mind

Find wisdom in all that you have overcome,

Peace in all that has passed, and

Gratitude in where you are now

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