Under the twilight

It’s in the early hours of the morning

That ignite our darkest hours

and project them under the twilight

For only sleepless eyes to see,

The racing heart,

The weighted breaths,

Trying to close our eyes and get a little rest,

But our eyelids are oh so heavy now

and our eyes sting through every blink,

This is the time when you feel like you’re the only one struggling,

And everything is spinning and your mind will not skip any untouched thoughts…

My head has decided that tonight will be that night,

Where the nightmares creep into the waking breaths,

And the dreams feel as if they’re so far out of reach that I’ll never get to taste them.

These are the nights we have to address,

These are the moments we cannot bury and lay to rest,

For they’ll haunt us in echoes
and breathe cold air down our necks,

We’ll shiver as a cool change sweeps over us

Rattling our bones and tingling our skin,

Living life without at least trying to understand ourselves starves us of who we could be

So I’ll blink through the stinging,

And breathe through the mist,

If it means that from this I will grow from this thorned nest.

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