Unhinge the latches

There is a place

where our hearts can rest,

there is a chest just out of sight but not out of reach,

where I promise you can surrender your restless mind,

at least for the night,

this place is non-physical,

this place is always available, and free of cost.

This place is an internal shelter,

with the richest treasure you’ll ever discover,

and the beauty of it is that it’s only yours,

yours to keep,

yours forever,

to seek, to enter,


whenever you need some time to stop for a moment,

just to breathe,

to reflect and recollect,

the key is right there before you.

In this chest you’ll find gems richer than the earth itself,

diamonds and charms more valuable than anything you can purchase,

in this inner sanctuary,

buried deep are the unshelled memories,

that we all carry around, burrowed inside,

along with fragments of beautiful souls we’ve crossed paths with over time,

here you’ll find unpolished jars,

carrying untouched glances,

unspoken words,

and words you wish you could suck back,

moments that felt like the whole world momentarily stopped,

coloured with ecstasy-filled breaths,

riddled with the memories of heart-wrenching pain,

passionate conversations,

and sweaty nights in the wintertime.

Nestled within this chest of sensations and ideas,

are those golden grins,

those unique opinions,

all the many ways of living,

the different eyes upon the world,

that you get to keep and listen to,

those deep-bellied laughs,

those wild nights we always seem to pack a week’s worth of adventures into,

those late night skinny-dips

just us and the moon.

How about those unclenched dreams,

it’s never too late to go catch ’em,

to start with just one,

right here, in this space,

you never know what may unfurl

When you harmonise your day-to-day with

the beat of your heart and the vision of your mind’s-eye,

may as well cease the best view,

it’s free, but it takes time,

so allow this chest to stay open,

throw away the key,

unlatch the hinges,

revel in all the treasures

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