Potions and false bliss 

‘Cause you know the easy way is to bury the pain,

To suffocate the words your mind is feeding your heart,

So we swallow the pills and drink the wine,

Just to get by, just for tonight, 

Line after line,

And we say it’s okay ’cause we’re all doing it and we’re doing just fine,

So we’ll grind through those sultry dances

And breathe in those sweet nothings,

And we’ll carry on with this ’cause it makes life all the more blissful and simple,

Contrasting the ugliness and the sleepless nights with

Fancy dress ups and painted on masks,

Shield us from our own minds and the suffering we can’t bare,

‘Cause “we’ll face it in the morning,” we recite again and again,

As we drift through this pure night,

Forgetting all the rest,

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd,

Swimming through the stream of voices and restless souls,

Yeah, but you know it’s all good, 

‘Cause “we’re just kids and we’ll grow out of this eventually,” 

So we carry on with this,

Maybe we’ll wake up from this dream and see it all clearly again, 

and medicate our restless minds and past pains with cold truths and a few quiet nights in,

And remedy our souls with a clear head and some rest

5 thoughts on “Potions and false bliss 

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Terrible thoughts. Made me think ‘pure night’ should be ‘putrid night’ but you ended on a positive note so I am hoping that will see you through the day. Can you add just for me, what time you write. Don’t tell any of the others but today’s my birthday and despite my age I am bubbling with happiness just because it is.


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