To roam this endless land

Ah and we sigh and break a grin,

‘Cause this isn’t all as serious as we sometimes try to believe,

What else are we here for if not to experience as much as we can,

To leave this vast wonderland

a little wider, softer, brighter than it once was before,

Experience is rooted in connectedness,

and in everything we share,

To share life with others 

is the boldest endeavour we can undertake,

For some keep their innards hidden,

For nobody else to taste,

See, this is the root of so much suffering, the root of so much pain, 

Everyone’s experience is different, and in the difference is the meat, 

And beneath the chewy stuff we get to suck out the marrow, 

The raw, rich minerals of the earth.

Living is in essence the remnants of simplicity, of openness and honesty,

We start living once we dispose of the glossy outer-shell,

To reveal the gruesome details and the beautiful imperfections,

It’s not until we step away from the external

and back into ourselves,

That we realise loneliness and suffering

can only be healed through inner peace,

So once we accept that the rest is just nonsense,

We can use our bodies as the strong vessels that they are,

To roam this endless place,

To taste the delicious variety the world has to offer,

For it is through difference and distance that we begin to see ourselves,

And the contrast shines a mirror on the fragments of our minds,

And it is only through variety that we can exchange our perceptions and expand our individual understandings with any other soul

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