The songbird

“Travel light, seek the light, spread the light, be the light” – unknown

Thirsty souls and open hearts ready to go exploring

To water this arid land

With new experiences and pure thoughts

For the most beaten heart can still drink the syrup of the honey suckle

The most buried soul can still uproot itself from the trodden soil

So never doubt the resilience of the songbird,

As it rises again each morning 

praising the world for all its beauty

For it’s wise enough to know that there cannot be light without the darkness,

So fly away beautiful butterfly,

Free spirit with a bruised soul,

You’ll rise again tomorrow 

With a renewed understanding of your world 

2 thoughts on “The songbird

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Love it. Love it. Again something you have written reminds me of something else and once again it is something religious. My favorite hymn is Morning has Broken (Cat Stevens). It has the same joyous celebration of each day, each new beginning.


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