Wild flowers

They keep trying to tame us,

to mold us,

to prime us,

but they don’t realise that

we are wild flowers

in full bloom,

living and breathing

off the open air and unfiltered rain,

you can try to stamp us down

but we’ll rise and rise again,

our seedlings planted,

our roots vast and wide-spread

we poke our heads up from time to time,

we’re just a bunch of daisies and sunflowers

trying to change our worlds.

Bursting with bright colours,

soaking up the day’s sun,

Spreading sunlight into the hidden crevices of this earth,

just to bring more of this earth within the light

that breathes through all the many worlds.

2 thoughts on “Wild flowers

  1. elizabeth hodson

    So nice (ghastly word) but can’t think of a more expressive word at the moment but the thoughts are just what I need now. Love all the colors and imagery.xx


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