Just for a moment

Thinking about you before I drift away

Sweetens the bite of loneliness that keeps me awake

And sweeps up the fragments

Of my heart

That have been broken and scattered

from place to place

Your kind nature

Your gentle soul

Your rough edges

Your unfaltering principles…

Make me melt just a little

And my heart sink to the ground

It makes me happy you’re a part of my life

And that I get to rest my soul beside you

Again and again

You’re just one of those people I’ll never get tired of

And you make me feel like you feel the same way

Your hugs are like a shield

From the daggers to the heart

The storm clouds that culminate in the mind

And the fears that sink in the gut

When you’re around these symptoms dissipate

And the whole world, just for a moment,

Feels complete and infinitely connected

2 thoughts on “Just for a moment

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Love it. Is it to someone special? Have you read any of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret Browning. If not have a look at his Dramatic Romances. There are some pretty scary stories there as in Porphyria’s Lover. I’d like to see you try a poem about something you have read in the paper or know of i.e. bad experience, murder etc and link it to the philosophical views you express about life/humanity even the refugees. Is that possible or not appealing.xxxxxxxxx


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