Welcome to your very own sacred imaginarium 

Feeling kind of shakey

And fragile

And open

Tore my heart apart

Just to show you where it hurts

To alleviate the suffering

To see (how I believe) everybody else sees,

I remember once,

A boy I used to love

Told me he wished he could live a day in my head

To shake up the unrest

But then he took it back

Cause he said he wouldn’t be able to bare the pain I was in

And the pain is a scar

From an injury I did unto myself

A scab I kept picking

Before it became a traceable mark

That I could no longer hide from myself or anybody else

That taunts me

And echoes down the corridors of my mind

That stands as a barrier

Between the light outside and the dark inside

Balance is golden

But balance is rare

You cannot be everything and anything

You must decide

On a way

Your way

That sings and dances and breaths

sunlight and songbirds through the days,

That draws with crayons

a multicoloured picture of two-headed insects and blooming fields,

A place where the grass can be purple

and the stars are visible in the daylight,

An imaginarium of ideas

That can make sense to only you

For within these grandiose creatures and places

Are ideas rooted deep beneath the earth and stooped high above the trees

One thought on “Welcome to your very own sacred imaginarium 

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Loved the imagery. Would like to see it illustrated not because I can’t imagine it but because the ideas evoke such strong visual images.


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