Shape shifting myth machine

Forever wandering



Messy heart,

Irregular beats,

Laid out in the open

To catch a glimpse of sunlight,

To catch floating fragments of life,

See Bowie once said

You can be what ever you want to be

It’s all up to us,

Reinvent yourself

If you’d like to,

A thousand times over

As much as you please,

Ziggy fell away into the stardust

So that Major Tom could rise,

And from that abstract

Alternate planet

A whole myth arose

And from that myth

A man with a rather pale complexion 

And a slim pin figure 

Came bustling on stage,

Step aside Davie Jones,

Let’s go dancing in the rain,

Doesn’t matter who you go with

So long as you enjoy the moves,

Dress us up in latex and glitter,

Synthesise the new with the old

2 thoughts on “Shape shifting myth machine

  1. elizabeth hodson

    I really like this but I don’t know the references. I do like the way you have worked with them and when I know who Ziggy and Major Tom are, I know I’ll like it even more.xx


    1. They are fictional characters/personas David Bowie created in his album ‘Ziggy and the Spiders From Mars’, the dancing in the rai reference is from a rendition Bowie did last minute with Mick Jagger – the film clip is so memorable and they look like they were having a splendid time creating it 🙂


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