(life is) An Unpaved Path (so I’m) Cultivating A Jungle

Your own mind

Will ravage more damage

Than any external force,

Whatever you let in

Will either

break you apart

Or nourish your bones,


Careful my friend

With which thoughts you choose to call home,

The silence is sometimes better than the spinning rhymes,

It is an art I am yet to master

A skill I am yet to procure,

You can hate me for my poor decisions

For I know that I’m only trying

To navigate this uneasy soul,

To find a place

To find a reason

For my existence

That can serve more souls

Outside my own,

We often find wonderful people

when we stop seeking

And follow the path of the Unknown,

Maybe it’s only then that we begin to bring out our truths,

Where there’s only “I” to be found

that’s when the true self

Really comes about,

And those that magnetise to us,

On this path that bares no signs or arrows,

Are the ones that share our instinctive beats and tones,

The ones that were there all along

Hidden behind forced friendships

And lonely nights,

Reminder to self: this is just one fragment

This is not where we stop trekking,

The unpaved path

Is forever extending,

As we build it ourselves

To find a greater reason

Beyond the people that walk alongside us,

It’s also

Our ideas,

And observations,

Our insights and our wisdom,

Our awareness and all the lessons,

These are the fruits that begin to grow

As we throw seeds

Along beside us

Cultivating a jungle

For many others

To expand on

And to enjoy

2 thoughts on “(life is) An Unpaved Path (so I’m) Cultivating A Jungle

  1. elizabeth hodson

    I think this is too hard or at least for me at the moment. Reason seems impossible. Acceptance and finding joy is easier and it seems to me attainable.
    Lots of love,


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