Surrender The Gate

Peace and quiet

can be found

in noisy environments,

while chaos and dissonance

can echo through silence,

the unspoken mind


vulnerable and confronting,

while silver-plated armour

may gleam beneath the light


true thoughts are guarded

by a single-handed-army

against invisible enemies,

elaborate trenches,

and tall brick walls,

the shrapnel and debris

stay inside the wound,

with each step

and each false word,

the fragments of battle

scrape against the unattended pain,

to guard an open gate

that you’re trying to enter

is to swallow the key to your inhabitance,

where will you sleep,

if you block the only entrance to your internal bed?

How will you laugh,

if the dark clouds are trapped within your walls?

How will you dance,

if you ramshackle your limbs outside your door?

This battle is in stalemate,

Weathered and cold,

these barricades


unlatch the gate hinges

and let yourself in,

unlock the portal,

surrender the hidden battle

at the door of your mind

and walk free

One thought on “Surrender The Gate

  1. elizabeth hodson

    I thought this was very good the way the thoughts worked through. I have to admit I looked up dissonance because I associate this word with sound but the second meaning ended up making this the most powerful and truthful line in the poem. Hope you get to read it with your group.xx


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