Into The Flames

Go on,

Go ahead,

You’re always, almost there,

That is,

Until you see that


Is another way of saying

You’re still alive, my dear,

Your heart and soul

Are waiting for you,

On the steps,

By the train station,

In the city of your mind,

The breeze carries

A waft of burning embers,

Breathing in the wind

from your ignited soul,

That you set on fire

In your darkness

To ease your suffering

And bring peace to your mind,

To vanquish the demons

And embrace your inner skin,

That endlessly burns,

In the breeze,

Spreading the wildfire,

As you take off, emblazoned

By the flight

Of your inner lightness,

As you come alive.

One thought on “Into The Flames

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Really interesting. For such an irreligious person, soul seems to occupy your mind quite a bit. Perhaps irreligious is the wrong word. The first half of the poem could apply to me but the last line discounts that! xx


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