(only You Know You)

Awkward times pass,

Trust me I’m the expert,

Just gotta keep on

Through the weird moments,

and the people that dont understand,

They don’t know you,

(Only you know you),

don’t waste your energy

on needless explanations,

Don’t let others’ opinions of you
shape you,

be it good or bad,

all is poison

outside of your inward gaze,

You’re alright,

You’re alright,

One thing

Just one thing at a time,

even when everything seems to be

Going so slowly,

and you just want to take flight

From this place

you find yourself in


in this mental space,

That you get in-to,

so take time,

to taste time,

even when your patience begins to wane,

see, when we try to escape time

it all starts coming back,

Hard memories get set on rewind,

Jamming up the tape,

Skipping over a couple of beats

All night

So just

Put it back in its case

Away from this moment,

Leave it where you left it,

It was stopped

and ejected

and pushed aside

for a switch over

for a reason

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