What I See When I See You

In a world that keeps telling me

To move faster

Do more

Be more

Make a name for myself

Check all the boxes

Keep up appearances

And always be “just fine”

In this same world, I saw you,

An escape from that frightful cycle

You were there, living for the moment,

Soaking up the melodies

Of this sick sick beat

And it made me look within myself

And reach inside my chest,

And as my whole body opened

I let the air breathe through my lungs,

Yeah, cause you do this thing to me

That gets me all muddled up

Where my heart beats so fast

I feel like I’m going to choke it up

Then other times my heart just pounds and pounds and aches in my chest

Oh, but I can’t stand the games my head plays with my heart

The half-broken bones and torn ligaments

Make it hard for you to hold me

But I want you to hold me,

I want you to make me feel whole

Cause I think I’m getting sucked in

And I can’t pull myself away,

Will you pull me away

From my fear-driven plight

And into the freedom of your self-made life…

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