Thanks For The Consent

Politicians got us fearing who we are,

telling us who we can love –

and who we can’t

progressing institutionalised crimes

while they coerce the news-verse

telling us about taxes and the stock market

and Abbott says he’s “feeling threatened”

by our confusing sexual tastes,

and the gender of the gender of the person

we take an interest in.

J-Bishop throws in her two cents as if the LGBT

community is waiting for her consent,

just another political maneuver

talking about the lives of others

for their own rise,

reporters swallowing the words

and churning ’em out

as front-page headlines,

what kind of progress does that provide?


This isn’t a Rugrats plot line

where Suzie reclaims justice

and destablises Angelica’s lies.

Real life isn’t so simple,

a cycle we can’t seem to rattle,

Abbott talking about tradition

as if we’re all going to hell,

keeping a stronghold on a patriarchal-field,

that unsettling wink-gate,

laughing at the so-called sins

borne out of the big guys’ own cycle,

laughing at the very way,

the people that don’t have a say

are trying to pay

for the things the politicians regulate,

Don’t talk about sex,

if you’re not willing to hear of

all the many contexts that it affects,

that simple, single – wink,

en-massed a range of riddles,

and we ask,

what should we be sacrificing,

to avoid the jobs your sacred book despises,

“food, electricity, gifts for christmas, firewood,

or should we all just die and get outta your way?

should we just repress our ways

and follow your confined field of vision,

just so that you do not feel threatened?

Just to uphold an archaic cookie-cutter society,

Repressed and numb,

cut-off and confused.

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