Self-forgiveness is a game of tug o’ war

My heart aches for

Your beautiful soul

‘Cause you’re going through hell

and yet you persist,

With humour and zeal

even when you’re up

against strong opposition,

So much pain crammed

and locked in your heart,

Mostly to protect those who trespassed against you,

Rather than to resuscitate yourself, 

It hangs over me, so heavy,

That then it was I

that became the main source of your pain,

The night I became the world’s worst best-friend.

Somehow you forgave me,


At least that’s what you said.

Got Jeff Tweedy on my stereo,

Singing broken-hearted lullabies

that ring at the door of my house,

Can you hear it,

from your side of town?

There’s so much I wish I could take back,

‘Cause I knew what’d been going down

around us,

Preceding the storm that hit

the night

I swallowed my pride and coughed it up on that boy’s bed,

In front of you,

and pressured you to come along,

Yeah you were right there beside us

And yet we carried on,

Neglecting the fact

That you just needed my shoulder

To rest your muddled head upon

and my ears to listen 

to you process life

when you were feeling less than alright,

Now I’m eternally hoping

that you’re as okay as you say. 

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