Just to see 

“One wants to treat the loneliness while strengthening the solitude”
– Edward Tick

I have a gaping hole in my heart

and I don’t know how to fill it,

the emptiness swallows me whole,

and the darkness engulfs me,

I writhe in pain,

Amongst this unforgiving wrath

that leaves me gasping for air,

That creeps into my nightmares

and visits my daydreams,

To ruminate is to extrapolate –

But sometimes it helps,

If it leads to an to open heart

Where the demons pour out

and fizzle under the light,

See this overbearing heart needs to heal

afar from the darkness of uncaressed thoughts,

So don’t be afraid

To see

Blood spilling upon this floor,

A cracked-open skull,

And this pulled-apart

unwholesome heart

Throbbing beside this limp vessel,

It’s just me trying to piece together my innards

Just to see

Just to see

if I can build something worth keeping whole

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