Tired Heart

You probably don’t know this but
I absorbed everything you said
that night we nestled into some stranger’s couch,
It went like this…

I know you think about it
on those solitary train rides
when you forget to pack a book
and your phone’s on 5 per cent,

I know, you dream about it
when you’re sleeping,

I know you write poetry about it
then crumple every page and throw it in the bin,

I know, because I’ve seen
that wandering stare you do,
because you look at the floor instead of what’s in front of you,

I know,
because when I look at you,
I see someone I love falling into the abyss of brokenness

with a flickering

Death. Wish.

But I also know that you want to exist

’cause you’re not yet done with what may come next,

I know, you just want the darkness to forever fade away
but your attention is askew,
you need the dark to see the light,

So it’s no use pertaining to someone else’s life,

There’s always going to be elusive spiders that creep into the mind,
You’re trapped in this shell for life
and you were never meant
to be chasing
Someone else’s path,

You were redirected from the many roads
You’ve tried to tend
because you abandoned your own,
and I know this because I’ve always been there

To see you tire your heart out
and also to see you bloom.

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