A Glimpse

There’s a song that rings,

Probably from the bottom of the ocean,

Like a far away tanker, it hums

As if it knows what’s beneath the black night-ocean,

The tones echo and fade

And return

Pounding in my chest,

At the wake of my breast,

Bass tremors

Bring forth rubble

By my feet

Below my field of vision,

The dust lingers

Leaving a visible trace

of that forlorn dream

that my hopes had

of escaping,

Nothing but remnants

now fused forever to the darkness,

Alas alas

I may find some new wonder,

I stare into the sea floor

As the smooth gelatine-water rises to my ankles

Then washes to my feet

Back and forth

Back and forth

Caressing every tiny bone,

Dancing between my toes,

Reminds me that

that’s the way

it’s always been,

Always need

Another note to make a rhythm,

Another word to finish a sentence,

Another breath the keep on living,

Another step to keep on moving,

So why not another hope

to keep on floating?

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