Across the tides

We’ve all got burning desires

and passions

and unfulfilled curiosities,

We’re all trying to stay afloat

in our own little boats,

and sometimes the tides

don’t turn in our favour

and we confuse the direction of the wind

With the undercurrent.

From within

every little boat

the world turns on a different angle,

a different scope,

a different depth

to thy neighbour,

from a far away vessel

my tacks and pace

may seem irrational,

back to front,


but from over here,

the dissonance


at a different frequency

to your inner-nestled voice,

Here the heart speaks louder than the head,

so I often carve up unsettling territory,

reminding me that everybody

is navigating this vascular connection,

to find cohesion in the external ocean

the currents

and strategies

and gut-gurgling sensations


pulsing through our bodies

as we sail across the tides,

Busy lives/

Too much time,

Paradox is what makes up a full life,

You decide

where your focus resides,

The helm is yours.

2 thoughts on “Across the tides

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Interesting. Need to read a few more times to look at (feel) the metaphors that change from water to body fluids. It’s new theme. Really different from anything else you have written.xx


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