Wandering the streets of my mind

I’ve been up all night

wandering the streets of my mind,

dreaming of the sour kiss

of a fresh peach

and the brush of a blossom bush

as I carry my feet deeper

and deeper into the summer eve,

stepping over twigs and crunching on leaves

just to feel the sun-drenched concrete blister my feet

and the dry air rasp its breath upon my flesh,

to welcome the day

to brush away the shade,

it’s dark outside

but in here I can see the sunlight,

or so it seems,

so I keep this lamp burning,

my eyes flickering through space,

couldn’t sleep if I wanted to

so I may as well dream…

Haven’t slept well in months,

I think that puncture left a wound

that can’t be bandaged up.

I can feel it fast approaching,

heaving itself upon my shoulders

and breathing down my neck,

a shadow that lingers

and whispers sweet poison

that seeps into my wandering thoughts

and weaves chains around my ankles and wrists,

got to get some sleep

before the darkness leaks into my dreams…

2 thoughts on “Wandering the streets of my mind

  1. elizabeth hodson

    Not sure what I think about this one because I found the images a bit confusing: out at night walking on sun warmed concrete. I know it was in the mind but it didn’t quite work for me. Individually I like the images very much.xx


    1. It’s a dream, at night. Instead of dreaming asleep I’m wandering through thoughts (streets) inside my mind that give me warmth and keep the darkness of the night out , “or so it may seem” but as It progresses I realise I can’t escape reality forever and it will eventually deep into my dreams so I have to get to sleep in order to make my reality closer to my dreams šŸ˜‰


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