Humans Being

I have a tendency to listen to your melodies on repeat

in the black bleakness of sleepless nights,

the notes of you echo

through this limbo time-shadow,

When my heart hurts

and my eyes won’t stay shut,

hmm, maybe it’s just me keeping myself from moving on a linear plain,

’cause I don’t really know how

to stay

in one place

long enough

for the dark eyes

of the night sky

to make an incision

in my mind

and wake me,

shake me,

to stir these

pulled apart


on the fork of my existence,

to thread the split strings

that dangle from the many corners of my mind,

but maybe this time I will

tie the loose ends together

to light the fuse

that grounds me

in one place

for long enough

this time,

like I never have before,

from all the times I led myself astray for the comfort of convenience

that kept me from facing the parroting panic bells

that do fire all at once

against the night sky

inside this tortued brain,

see, now I’m starting to peel the wool

I pulled over my eyes,

and after all this time,

after seeing you in the flesh

after tasting your breath

and kissing your lips

and cuddling into your chest,

once again,

makes you less of a far-away dream

and more of a human being,

just like me.

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