Let’s find the unseeable realm

My mind does not contain maps
but labyrinths,

My heart does not beat
it throbs,

My words do not flow

they dribble out

and drown me when I don’t make sense,

So I want to listen to every word you dispel,

The way you hand pick words

and give them out

for others to explore and expand,

I want to sit still

with you

and listen to the soft thumping of your heart,

I’d like to step into your mind

and wander through

your staircases and bookshelves,

and the turquoise trees,

the violet grass,

the orange sky,

the pink-feathered birds,

all wrapped in silver and gold,

I want to learn things from you

that sound and touch

cannot teach,

I want to breath

with you

in that unseeable realm,

will you sit still with me too?

and if you refuse

I guess I don’t mind either

’cause I like imagining what it’d be like,

and you will never hurt me

as much as I hurt myself,

‘Cause when I catch a glimpse

of a wonderful thing

I throw my whole heart into the depths of the jungle

and still wonder why I get lost.

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