Instant Gratification

Are we a generation strung out on convenience?

instant gratification

listless, always craving

a couple pills

and a cap,

let’s get some drinks

and some shots,

a heavy base line,

latching onto the cages,

we let the DJ

shake us

and we don’t even like this music,

but tonight we don’t care.

Slip another

gotta feel this,

not even hiding the treats we keep,

like I’m blind –

blindside me

so that I wake up in a daze

forgetting the reasons for resorting

to snorting the praise of strangers

and rebelling against all authority,

that’s something I never did,

just to save this sense of a personal sanctuary

that’s really just a self-made prison,

thrashing against guards

that are trying to protect me from myself.

Getting kicked out

but we still crave the pills.

Slip another

so disoriented

is this real, what is really real?

we’re all in our own cages

trying to unlock the padlocks

through body contact

and head massages,

cheeky glances,

having several impassioned conversations

all at once.

Trying to find that blissful place

in synthetic –

one click, one grin, two wink

– tricks.

We lost track

but kept at it

Floating down the halls

feeling ourselves

feeling the walls

sinking into the thick cushions

of these second – third – tenth – hand couches

rolling into the bathroom

girls tripping off

each others’ outfits and hair

and shit they don’t even really care about,

seeing flashing colours

discussing space invaders,

Where the cold tap water feels like silk,

We push through the portal,

meet your mates again,

Grab ’em by the hand,

It’s all a blissful haze, 

Give ’em a kiss,

Never too close when we’re on this,

We’ll go exploring

for more more more.

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