People are People are People

We all turn into the same thing, don’t we? Memories, shadows, worries, dreams. We all join up somewhere in the end.” – Tim Winton

It troubles me
when I look around and see only beady eyes and folded arms,

and sometimes
when I hear Lou Reed
or Lennon singing on the radio
you’re attached to their voices through memories
and I wanna tear every limb off ’em
and listen with new ears again,

But I’m trying to be good to the past
and find solace in gratitude
and sometimes gentleness wins
and I’d like to know that
when I hear a song or your name,
that I’ll care as little as I show,
and that hate will surrender
its bloody hand,

’cause time really does heal everything.

Sometime soon I’m sure,
your name will just be another sound that floats by with the wind
’cause I won’t be walking on the wild side
or imagining a unified world
Nor will I watch the wheels turn
under your sun

It gets confusing
When I look around and see only beady eyes and folded arms,

But just as Lou reed did say,
“There’s a bit of magic in everything and then some loss to even things out,”

So even when it gets heavy
I always remember
there are so many people
who’ve become more gentle
from where they’ve been,

I mean, You know how Tim Winton said there are
no good people
no bad people
just people,
It’s about strength of mind
about wanting to be kind,

to bear flowers instead of knives and guns
to hug another rather than turn away,
to support another when given the chance,
to share words of peace
to spread truth rather than act out of self-interest,
to let life happen, to tread lightly,
to plant flowers,
to watch streams,
to connect the stars with our eyes,
to draw our names in the sand
and smile as our traces wash away into the endless sea.

You cannot resuscitate yourself
But you can resuscitate someone else,

and doesn’t that kind of save us a little bit too

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