Citizens of the human race

Eight generations Tasmanian
with a splash of welsh,
I’m the aesthetic emblem
of a colonised nation,
but it’s only skin deep,
my name is just a social solvent
as a means to decipher more intricate things
extracted from the universal
alphabet of reason,
jumbled together
and conjoined with a hyphen,

The state of human relations are in such disrepair,
led by arbitrary divisions,
it seems, at least,
when you leaf trough the paper
or switch on the TV
or flick through Facebook,

Why does the earth
that we’re all birthed upon,
for those who do not fit the mould, turn to quicksand
crushing bones,
diffusing dreams
before they can begin,
swallowing whole
who appear by name or complexion
to be
anything other than Caucasian,

My eight layered,
blood stained, porcelain skin
gives me privileges
that I can’t deny I have,
and allows me to stand
in a more than comfortable position,

Many chances to learn
to make mistakes,
to forget where I came from
and be invited back in,
to risk everything
but really nothing,
’cause I always have
cushioned ground to fall back on,

A voice that is validated
by a bachelor’s degree
and a white family,
not because I know
anything about what it means
to have everything I’ve ever known taken away from me,

What about those
who deserve a say
to those
Who are not given
what I too often take for granted,
’cause privilege is about
not having to think about it,

But I can’t ignore this,

to those who are armed with
both personal experience
and pools of knowledge,
can’t we find a way,
regardless of blind standards
that are still broadcast
through public outlets,
to give them a say,

I want to hear the words of truth rise
from beneath muffled car engines,
between high rises
and skyscrapers
behind bars
and bolted gates
from street corners
from the shores of destabilisation
outside of government institutions
outside of media outlets
outside of universities
and commercialised newspapers,
Don’t you too?

call me naive,
maybe I am overly idealistic,
but it is also true that
we’re all so quick to
laugh at anything altruistic
and so ready to accept
any disillusioned back thought
to be the current and future reality,

Why can’t the voices of humans
Speak louder than the economy,
When does mass expectation
summon the label “normal”,

Why does colour still divide tides,
it’s just a lack of ability to shed light
on the sight
of anything other than those
who stole what was already here,

I guess this society is built on the idea of whoever comes first wins
’cause the people that stand at the gates
with all the keys
were on the first fleet,
on boats they drew
their imperial ideals upon
sacred shores
and hacked away
at other humans’ nests,

So now it seems,
this is where we’re at,
we sit tall with our passports
in one hand
and a stake in the other,

Pushing away those of a different culture
but then condemning them
for forgetting their culture
while they were seeking safety
in this lucky country.

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