at the epicentre

so many people
handing out answers
to questions never asked

but the answers lie within you
and the questions are any external troubles
that you face

so many misplaced pieces
of burned down houses
scattered across
forgotten plains

it’s not a clean slate,
not a fresh start,
if no one’s there
to play the part

take one foot before the other
one foot then the other

got to get out of that throbbing head
that keeps getting jammed on rewind
and jolting
on all of last weeks’ mistakes,

each memory like an arrow,

piercing my tired brain,

turn within,
ignore the outside chaos,
what ever pain
you’re presently afflicted with
is sure to soon subside,
this feeling won’t last,

But you’ve also got to know
this war is not over
this war is never over,
this war inside your mind,

the flames don’t stop burning down
a house
if you only extinguish
a single room,

this internal inferno
that you’re facing
grew from a deeper battle
in the epicentre
of your troubles,

this fire was your doing,
but know this,
you’re the only one that holds
the torch and the hose.
Choose carefully.

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