Feed the Fire

There’s something about curiosity that I find irresistible

There’s something charming in vulnerability,
to leave oneself open,

to be free,
to run wild,
back to our origins,

Rough beginnings are better than crippling fears,
’cause at least you started
and you’ve gotta start somewhere,

You can only fight yourself for so long,
won’t be long ’til the mask’ll
wear and disintegrate,

the truth is always unpolished and raucous,

and the mask is the shield and armour
we use to protect ourselves
from fragments of our realities
we wish not to confront,

but see, your wild side
is found
in those thirsty thoughts
that always drip back,

late at night,
midway through a meeting,
a shift,
a gig,
a class,
a conversation,

All those still moments
that are peppered through your day,
spiinning so fast
feels like we hit pause,

Culminating into a wild dream,
so don’t let it take a back seat.

it peeps its head into the front
just to remind the driver
that there’s more to this
than filling your pockets
with gold
or counting the appraisals of others,

do it for passion
do it for self-liberation
do it for happiness
for open-mindedness,
for a legacy,
do it ’til those sprinkled moments
an entire smorgasbord
of rich and delicious bites
of a well-fed, flavoursome life

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