Sunrise state of mind

Microwave thoughts,
short lasting
bit soggy,
too hot,
slightly undercooked,

Short fuse,
long burn.
but I’ve never

Curiosities linger

and rattle the still mind.

memories pierce
through the moments inbetween.

Mostly good ones.
Like the way you
wander through
the walls of your mind,

I see it sometimes
in your eyes,
drafting itineraries,
mapping plans,
early in the morning
as you trail the asphalt path,

You snatch some berries off a bush.

too lost in thought to look up ‘n worry if you’ll get caught.

Flow through the day
like a ribbon
trails in the breeze.

You don’t care to impress,
naked as the waves tide,

you only care to unleash
the little bluebird that sings
in its cage

beneath smiles and small talk
under the glaring sun

sipping the nectar that trickles
from the roots of the soul.

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