Peel it back a little

Do you ever think about how society is shaped just so that
we can sustain human life,
and that we’ve found pleasurable
and profitable ways to go about it,

like sex sex sex
is promoted on every corner,
whether it be the red light district or the local strip club in your town or city,
on the walls of a subway
or jamming past you on a tram or taxi,
and they’re offering the morning after pill and pregnancy tests,
lube and condoms,
tampons and lip gloss
in vending machines,
at the airport, in bathrooms,
in laundromats and bars
alongside your friendly m&ms and skittles,

I mean it’s kinda great cause
some people are too embarrassed
to go to a register and ask for such needs
or when regulation and laws
fall short and
funding is not allotted,
it is truly essential that these such places offer an
alternative source.

But pull it back again,
don’t you find it kind of fascinating
that all of these things are inserted into our daily routines and leisures
and completely embellished by pretty labels and vibrant colours
so that we consume more
and more and more
(and breed more
and more and more)
in order to do the
basic human things
that we do anyway?

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