Sunday Night Workshops

Okay so as well as sharing a good amount of the poems I write (roughly 1 in every 3), I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll share every poem I write during the 10 minute free write we do at our poetry/spoken word workshop at an activist arts hub called Under the Hammer every Sunday night from 8pm until anywhere from 11pm to 2am. Yep, poet time is even more relaxed than island time.

I’ve also decided it’d be worth sharing experiences from spoken word gigs, poetry slams, powerful performances I see and my own performances.

So here’s my poem from last night’s free write, (there are lot’s of gaps but I’m happy with it as a free write).

20th March, 2016

The prompt, thank you Esme, was: What are you fucking tired of?

I’m tired of
mental illness being pushed aside
by government officials
who make the cuts on where the funds are allotted,
I’m tired of workplaces ignoring mental breakdowns
narrowing it down to mere sleep deprivation
to fuel a cycle vilifying any neuro-atypical behaviour,

but we still seek the stars at night and undiscovered planets,
we still look out for alternate life forms,
but any issue that doesn’t make headlines or big money
is fettered away to the community
to scrounge up the funds to fuel accessible alternatives ourselves,
NASA’s claiming we’ll inhabit the moon by 2025,
that’s pretty damn soon
we’ll all still be here,
most likely,

oh how quickly humanity’s desires do escalate,
how is it that we keep conquering land and people and cultures
but the ‘heroes’ and the ‘first settlers’ never invested in conquering their own minds,

hey, at least sea world has finally cut off the breeding of killer whales for human spectacle,

but robots are already amongst us
and we can’t even tell
the difference,
we shouldn’t need special sunglasses to see that the
decision makers have given up on humanity
and the elasticity of empathy and understanding within each of us.

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