Breathe out your inner bluebird

I see the world throbbing,
so many bluebirds
buried beneath
tailored suits and shiny shoes,
locked inside caged hearts
feeding off dissilusioned thoughts,

(but) you don’t have to feel
like a cog in a wheel,
on someone else’s cognition,
chasing numbers instead of
heart beats,

rushing, running,
along bustling streets filled with
those clacking by in expensive shoes
and clicking out last minute e-mails that don’t need to be sent,
there where so many fettering thoughts
spatter outta muddled mouths,

future bills, surging petrol prices,
new devices, cable television,
cooked dinners,
these are arbitrary constraints
you don’t have to bleed into,
these are fears that are not palpable
but merely mortal illusions,

the worry of what is not
sitting before you
is the robbery of the self,
but addressing them is the only way forward
to deepen your perception
of your own mind
and lead to an open portal
for internal growth

there’s nothing holding you to
any of this,
only your mind
and all the expectations
you cling onto
that float like dust in the air,

time is but a concept
we tie our souls to
and pretend we can swap and exchange it,
reallocate it
and rearrange it.

Time can become a cage
but it doesn’t have to,

the key is buried in the sand
within an hour glass.
You can shatter it if you’d like to.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Abstract, foreboding, future
past, scary
fleeting, wishing,
forever, lasting
lost, become something
leave, ongoing
wasted, missed opportunity

anxiety feels like opening too many tabs in your browser
and the whole thing crashes
and the screen turns black,

but suffocating these feelings only festers these feelings,

breathe in…

Breathe out…

Feel the sandstorm in your mind
settle each grain
as your breath draws away
into the air surrounding you
feel yourself
the clasp of
the dust-expectations,
feel your mind unravelling…

Don’t be afraid to break away from the crowd,
to bite the hand that feeds you,
you may just find that you can feed yourself.

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