Note to Self (Palindrome #2)

start with yourself,
love can set you free, if you let it,

love is the … in between,
all you have to do is sit still,
press your palm to your chest,

each heart is a unique garden
there are no conditions,
no rule books,
no laws, no regulations,
love weathers distance and time,
love expands from seedlings planted in shared gardens,

love has a way of withstanding any infringement,
love doesn’t whither away if you relinquish it
love rebels against an unwanted kiss supplanted on drought-riddled land
by the hand that holds it,
there where only gorse does grow,
nature’s barbed wire’ll
cast a shadow on love,
but love is the blooming flower that blossoms through any thorny entrapment,
true love can’t be lost,
only sometimes, it goes missing,

love is patient,
love is ferocious and
boisterous and unwavering,

love breathes rainbows into waterfalls,
nestling unicorns amongst butterflies fluttering, swarms of bees pollenating, busy ants marching through the watered gardens,

love can show you the magic of life
hidden in plain sight
when the hand holding the heart lets go,

love can set you free, if you let it,
start with yourself

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