Can You Hear Something Rattling?

She syncopated her scream into an echo,
made life look like she just leapt out of a vacuum,
as if the effect were the cause
and there were no preceding lessons,
made the world believe she
fell from the clouds
so that the world couldn’t
knock her down
than she’d already fallen,

isn’t that what the world demands
of us anyway,
expecting us to be whole and complete,

seems as though people can’t stand change
beit defeat or renewal,
but when you hold people to their past,
you never see who they really are

life alterations are often borne out of necessity,
rarely the chosen journey,

it seems that unless it occurs in silence,
we’re taught never to rise or crumble before the eyes of others,

so we tuck so much away,
revealing our full-selves
only behind closed doors,

eager to present a polished
final product
once we step outside,
but so many of us
never step outside,

we hold on for so long
that the dreams we store
in the safe
diminish in value,

the pain we hold onto
begins to rot our innards
and tarnish the windowpanes
we peer out of at the world,

it’s okay to break down
you can’t bottle it all up for so long,
its okay to show your teeth
to the glaring eyes of public scrutiny

just because it’s unprovoked
doesn’t mean it’s not a revolt

the heart and the soul
feed into the brain,
but the lines often get tangled
and the signals misconstrued.

So when logic tells you
to cluster all your hopes inside
a jar and tighten the lid,

when the noise is rattling your skull like a cyclone
you already know you don’t stand a chance of keeping it in,

your innards’ll twist in
all kinds of unnatural shapes
until it all bursts and spews out anyway

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