Küss mich

Kissing you is like leaping onto a cloud
and sinking into the smooth rivulets of its whipped-cream cushioning,

kissing you is like having butterflies
flit about my finger tips
leading me toward a pastel-painted garden
nestled under the shade of bushy branches,

kissing you is like wind chimes ringing through
a salty breeze on the porch of a wooden shack,

kissing you is like arms stretching
overhead first thing in the morning after a satisfying slumber,

kissing you sounds like songbirds and roosters and kookaburras
all congregated on a gumtree branch
in the afternoon sun,
like a symphony orchestra, lulling us into stillness

kissing you is like the first sip of hot cocoa on the first day of winter…
like biting into a marshmallow,

kissing you is like fresh lemonade
in the middle of summer,

kissing you is like skateboarding down a steep hill
and skidding at the bottom without crashing,

kissing you is like sitting in Hodgson-Burnett’s circle of safety,

kissing you is like sipping rose tea by candlelight,

Kissing you is like turning over the last leaf of a book,

kissing you is like floating into the night sky
and hovering amongst the stars
as the moon smiles back at us,

kissing you is elating and
breath-taking and

kissing you is like falling down the rabbit hole
and feeling giant and minute all at once,

kissing you feels like
not having to think about it,

the passion
leads the lips,
curls the tongue,
twists the link,
tilts our heads,
runs hands through hair,
cradles the face,
softens the neck,
tingles my body,
Prickles my skin,
makes me…

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