Propellor Blade People

Civilisation is the mere manifestation of our fears of boundless uncertainty

the concrete streets don’t care if you make it,
the concrete doesn’t care if you trip and fall over,
it’ll even scratch and bruise you,

repression is the beast that’ll kill us all off,
if we let it,

humanity is the salve that was there before the walls,
humanity is nature illuminated, animated,
nature’ll soothe your wounds through
the endless valleys and mountains cascading
upon the ever-shifting tectonics
which mimic the human mind,

Scattered. Shifting. Unpredictable. Constant movement. Expanding. Reverting. Reacting. Creating. 

to be lost in a world that demands you to sit still and whisper when you want to scream
is to know
that there is chaos around you because it is within you,

repression is the real beast that’ll kill us all off,
if we let it,

each of us is a symphony orchestra charging
through the concrete streets
and high rise buildings,

don’t let fear become your conductor,
don’t let another human (disguised in a suit) dictate
your every motion,
every thought and
every notion,

’tis a sign of great valour
to carry one’s own.

draw that baton, change direction, alter the pace, at any time,
follow the direction your soul is compelling you to take.

you won’t find yourself in a full wallet,
I already checked there.
you won’t find yourself underneath a uniform,
I already tried that.
you won’t find peace under someone else’s doorstep,
I already checked.

you’ll only find stillness once you accept chaos,
you’ll only reach forgiveness once you embrace love,
you’ll only grow from understanding
by observing without expecting, attaching or judging what ever the thing before you may be.

(don’t go about building walls and cement footpaths,
just in case, just in case,
you change your mind)

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