Chain Links

Just for the fun of it I thought I mix in some lines from a couple of my latest poems into this piece. Going to leave it as a Where’s Wally search. So if you pick ’em, thank you and good on you for keeping up to date with my poems!

Hey, you, pssst,
yeah, you,
come along, on this journey,
won’t you join me?

Let your burning heart breathe

play your inner songs loud

fill every blank page
with black ink

cry when it wells up

laugh when you’re amused

stop worrying so much,
we’ll all be dead soon enough

if all your pieces shatter
maybe there were already cracks
in a mask you didn’t even know
you were wearing,

breaking the mask apart
gives you a chance to superglue
yourself back together

this time without
the rotting thoughts
like dying flowers trapped inside
a dry vase,

rip your flesh apart,
tear it off,
reveal bare bones
and smooth skin,

expose the fresh soil,
let the fertiliser seep in,

just because it’s unprovoked
doesn’t mean it’s not a revolt,

So when logic tells you
to cluster
all your hopes inside a jar
and to tighten the lid

don’t you dare listen,

repression is the real beast that’ll kill us off,
only if we let it,
only if we let it,

all the glitter and gore will
bubble to the surface

over time, under pressure,

so pour it out before
it all rots and spills all soggy and slimy upon your
tiled floor plans

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