We are not islands

We are not islands
we are shipwrecks
we are obliterated panels of wood, copper helms, rods, sinks and detergent, spilled wine, lost passports, shards of smashed crockery,
burst pipes, torn blankets, mildew-covered shower curtains, dog-eared book pages, misquoted passages and jumbled names.

We are not islands
clashing into one another
we are fragments of mirrors, seashells, rock formations, running streams, clumps of clouds
and re-forming
push and pull
push and pull,
press against me
as I press against you,
pull me closer
using just your eyes and your breath,
let me clasp your trembling hands
in my unsure stance
until we are united, settled, calm, peaceful,

let us sit with our sorrows,
our anger and our outrage,
let us plummet into the depths of our deepest darkest monsters
so that we can tear them out of our souls and rip the damn leeches off our pulsing veins,
until we can breathe again
without our bodies convulsing on the exhale
until we can see again without the heavy film of a foggy perception blocking the way,

let us be
right here
just here
in this shared space
as we hammer and drill and sew and scrub and varnish and paint and tighten and wring and stir and toil
until it becomes second nature
and before we know it
we become expansive coral reefs and sailboats,
together we become sharks and orcas and jelly fish, sting rays, seahorse, plankton, coral, crabs and tortoises,
currents, movement, time, wind, waves,
rain droplets dripping into the vast blue-green ocean,
spitting out of a twilight sky,

we become everything and nothing

Stop searching,
you’re already here,
your soul is waiting for you
to catch up,
take my hand
trust yourself
you are worthy
you are precious
you are loved
you have purpose
you bring light
and cast shadows
you are necessary
you belong,
the world needs you,
come along,
I’ll take you
to yourself.

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