A Procession Of Unlearning

it is the awakening spirit
that summons the stones that
bare sorrow, lonliness, jealousy and rage,
and accepts these toxic granules that are borne from the body of the Earth,
for it is here that one can fully realise elation, solitude, gratitude and understanding,

without the harsh winds and the grinding currents,
the stones would not
take such wondrous shapes and gleam with such contrasting,complimenting
strokes of light and rich colours,

the beauty of the soul resides in its wholeness, its oneness, its way in which it encompasses the entirety of human emotion,

this completeness of being is what we already are,
we must unlearn those thought patterns that
drown us like a torrential flood swamps a city,
we must drain them from our insides,

this passage of unlearning reveals us to ourselves
as we ponder the path,
consciously lifting each foot,

we are all souls, caged in separate vessels
of many shapes, colours, sizes, sounds,
it is the spirit which can and will transcend the physical entrapment,
over time, variety of context, across continents, time zones,
mountains, valleys, skyscrapers
and trailer parks,
jungles and swamps,
death and life,
becoming nothing
encases everything,

when we cultivate that which can only be felt and experienced –
that which cannot be touched nor heard nor seen,
the fear of death dissipates,
the prison of time crumbles,
any physical ailment or chemical imbalance unlatches their clasp,
a soul is set free,

the you – that cannot be contained in a tiny dress nor tight jeans,
a three-piece suit, nor draped in silk,
the you – that cannot be contained in a wooden box and lowered into the dirt,
that cannot be impaled, nudged, slapped or cut open,

you become endless
– as you were when you were born,
when you first learned how to walk,
how to tie bows on your feet,
and how to ask for milk without squealing

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